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The Crowning Glory in Real Estate

According to Google, a “crowning glory” is “the best and most notable aspect of something”.  I will never forget when, a few years ago, customers of mine told me that the “glory” of purchasing their new home was going to be the installation of the landscaping.  To them, anticipation of the process of laying out the design, obtaining the plantings and installing the hardscape and landscape themselves was a delight.  The doing would be the “reward” for the hard wrought process of purchasing the property.  In these times, with all the paperwork, investigations and timelines, applications and approvals, buying a home, though exciting, is also a time of pressure.  One of my goals for clients, as their Realtor, is to manage the process so well that their pressure is alleviated.  In the best of circumstances, I do all the worrying for them!  So, when it is all said and done, what is the “crowning glory” for Becky Adams?  I love getting the house warming gift!  At the close of a recent sale, I found out that my customer loves Wild Horse Viognier.  I couldn’t find it at the local stores, so I made a short trek over to Templeton to visit one of the oldest established wineries on the Central Coast.  Since I hardly ever “get out of Dodge” it is not surprising that I had never been there!  Very close to the heart of Templeton, just off of Templeton Road, Wild Horse Winery is the opposite of ostentatious.  Surrounded by vines, the pleasant tasting room offers gifts too.  Tina, as you can see, added her special touch to my purchase.  My crowning glory is the pleasure I feel by getting that special something, and it is a great excuse to leave my desk! Wild Horse Winery 1 wild horse winery 2 wild horse winery 3


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Relocating is complicated whether it's one family on the move or a whole corporation. This is where Becky Adams Real Estate can step in and provide comprehensive services to help your family and or business find the right home, get moved and get settled.

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For more than 20 years,Becky Adams has been the dominant force in Central Coast real estate, building a record of success and longevity unparalleled in the industry. Earning top marks as an agent for both buyers and sellers alike.

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