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Happy New Year 2016

I am grateful for the wonderful support of clients and friends in the last year, and for my support team, Rick and Sue Warren!  We had a fabulous year selling real estate, with over $37,000,000 in sales and nearly 50 transactions!

But, it was also a year of loss, with unexpected death of friends and family at too young an age.

As always,  our challenges and joys show us that life is precious, and that balance, in all that we strive for, is an important goal in order to keep perspective.  We all want to be our best possible selves!

I wish all of you the best possible outcomes for your hopes and dreams, your health and financial stability in 2016!



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The Crowning Glory in Real Estate

According to Google, a “crowning glory” is “the best and most notable aspect of something”.  I will never forget when, a few years ago, customers of mine told me that the “glory” of purchasing their new home was going to be the installation of the landscaping.  To them, anticipation of the process of laying out the design, obtaining the plantings and installing the hardscape and landscape themselves was a delight.  The doing would be the “reward” for the hard wrought process of purchasing the property.  In these times, with all the paperwork, investigations and timelines, applications and approvals, buying a home, though exciting, is also a time of pressure.  One of my goals for clients, as their Realtor, is to manage the process so well that their pressure is alleviated.  In the best of circumstances, I do all the worrying for them!  So, when it is all said and done, what is the “crowning glory” for Becky Adams?  I love getting the house warming gift!  At the close of a recent sale, I found out that my customer loves Wild Horse Viognier.  I couldn’t find it at the local stores, so I made a short trek over to Templeton to visit one of the oldest established wineries on the Central Coast.  Since I hardly ever “get out of Dodge” it is not surprising that I had never been there!  Very close to the heart of Templeton, just off of Templeton Road, Wild Horse Winery is the opposite of ostentatious.  Surrounded by vines, the pleasant tasting room offers gifts too.  Tina, as you can see, added her special touch to my purchase.  My crowning glory is the pleasure I feel by getting that special something, and it is a great excuse to leave my desk! Wild Horse Winery 1 wild horse winery 2 wild horse winery 3

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Watching the Pending Sale Category is Important

The pending sale category is important to watch in any real estate market; it is an indicator of the health of the market at any given time.  On California’s central coast, in San Luis Obispo county, I look at the number of pending sales to determine whether the market is waning, waxing or stable.  In Cambria, for example, I have noted the pending sale numbers in various markets, low and high.  At the bottom of the recession, we got to a low of eight pending sales, and four of them were short sales or bank owned properties!  In the high market of 1988/89 and 2005/2006 the number of pending sales was consistent at 36-38 in any given time.  Our healthy market over the last couple of years has yielded consistent pending sale numbers in the mid to upper 20’s, with some variability.  When pending sale numbers are consistent over several weeks, it indicates a stable market.  This means that as soon as a pending sale sold, an active listing has gone under contract to take its place.  In a declining market, homes are not going under contract, which contributes to a decline in the number of pending sales posted in the MLS’s. In an increasing market, the number of pending sales increase over the amount of closed sales. The California Association of Realtors released a report as to year-over-year pending sales on Sept 22, 2015 and I am including the link here.  It is very informative!

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Getting Ready for a Holiday Weekend

All along the Central Coast of California, agents know that holiday weekends can bring more buyers to the area.  To assist sellers, gearing up for this makes the week before a holiday a busy time for the Becky Adams Team!  For listings, arranging for additional advertising becomes a priority.  Scheduling window washing is another one!  Sweeping decks, patios and clearing rain gutters is a way of making the house “stand at attention” and gives the impression the house is cared for, which it is! Placing fresh cut flowers inside helps freshen the air and creates a soothing first look for buyers entering the property. To assist buyers, Rick and Sue create special packages with maps, MLS listings and flyers, wash the cars and get ready to show some real estate!

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Hot prices in Morro Bay

The Morro Bay real estate market has taken off. Experts agree there are some good bargains to be had with so many home now available on the market.

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Morro Bay is one of the best locations on the California central coast. Morro Bay is a small town community with big town amenities. Residents and visitors have no trouble having their needs met by the goods, products, services and amenities that are available in this thriving coastal community.

Visitors find loads of fun activities including but not limited to the ocean side aquarium, embarcadero fisherman’s wharf. There are an amazing variety of restaurants and shops, the best of which are located near the wharf and all with beautiful waterfront and ocean vistas.

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Save money with the solar energy

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